" Cynthia has the tallest tales to tell, may you believe. At the age of 3, her father discovered her immortality in an incident one night in their humble home, America, 1885, where he substituted the chicken for his only daughter in the weekly stew. This meant business, oh yes.

Within the next hour he had set up his own circus, demanding the 3 year old to walk the life as the trapeze artist - 60 feet in the air.

Slowly but surely, she had mastered the art of trapeze, failing and falling every time for 30 years until her moment of grandeur. Sadly, that is where it was too late for the still aspiring father. She had unmistakably fallen in love with her costume. Such pretty colours and glorious textures of the fabric, not to mention a cushier landing for each fall. Where do such pretty things come from? Well I dunno, in such day and age, poor folk gets none. How about she makes her own? The story continues 123 years forward."

haidroshru 2008
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About us:

OMAIIdesign is an online portfolio created by two students who study under the University of Arts, London. This website was fabricated for students and aspiring professionals from anywhere to showcase their work for Online Public viewing plus allowing anyone to purchase items and ideas made by the designers.

Currently there are four confirmed designers at OMAii exhibiting their work and there are more to joining in the near future as we recruit more talent, allowing OMAIIdesign to expand to reach more people.

OMAiidesign.co.uk is our place to say this is what I am; this is what I do.

Let us take this opportunity to thank the ones who allowed this website to become reality. Thank you Pea and Chris for your constructive feedback and great ideas. Also, we would like to thank Jon and Bob. Without their immense continual aid, this website would have never gotten past mark 1. How are we ever going to express our gratitude with my poor vocabulary? We'll draw you both a picture.

Thank you :D and certainly, we, ourselves deserve a pat on the back.

Contact us:
OMAIIdesign Designers and Staff

Main Creators of this Website:
Michelle Choi : STM Choi
Sheila Cheung : haidroshru

Cynthia F : CFST
Hong Kong
Central St Martin
email :

Michelle Choi : STM Choi
England, UK
Central St Martin/ LCC
email :

Sheila Cheung : haidroshru
England, UK
Central St Martin
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Tian Jin : Sky
Beijing, China
Central St Martin
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If you have any general enquiries please contact OMAIIdesign on enquiry@omaiidesign.co.uk

Central Saint Martin-
   Art & Design Foundation

  BA (Hons) Knitwear Design
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Projects and Works

This was a summer project, which is for mainly handknitting and exploring the boundaries. I became obsessed with buttons and the way to embellish the yarn with found objects, and I created this outfit. Thank you to Aiko for the photo and thanks to Sohui for modelling.

Knitted Lingerie for Antoinette
A knitted lingerie project, inspired by Marie Antoinette and all the amazing cakes in the movie. Thank you Aiko for the photos and thank you Sohui for modeling!

CSM - Illustrations
A collection of illustrations done for the previous CSM projects from winter term.

CSM - Jersey Project
A 3 weeks projects which we have to create at least 6 pieces of toile made from jersey. My inspiration came from the architectures designed by Santiago Calatrava, thinking mostly with shapes around the body and making it body conscious.

CSM - White Project
A project using only white cotton and white felt to create an outfit inspired by Anthony Gormley, and his sculptures. The project title was White Project - Traditional Borderline.

CSM - Metamorphosis Knit Project
A knit project based on the idea of metamorphosis, inspired by an illustration by Tracy Emin, and I used the idea of abortion and pregnancy to create these two pieces.

Up and Above - CFST S/S 2009
Inspired by the bird's eye view of city structure, an 8 look jersey and knit collection was created. This collection is dedicated to detailing through the use of lines and drapes the material creates around the body. The focus of details are enhanced by the simplicity of the black and white.

Dollies Illustration
Using only biro, these are illustrations created within my everyday life. When on the bus, in a restaurant, and any other places. These are the first series of illustrations in such style.

General Inspired II
A piece created under the influence of the actual fabric. Using light weighted Jersey, along with a new technique learnt, creating this piece.

Architecture on Body II
Another piece of garment inspired by the London signature Red Telephone Box.

Architecture on Body I
A simple knitwear piece inspired by the London Signature Red Telephone Box.

General Inspired I
A dress made with Plastic Leather, a simple silhouette yet very strong with impact for its layering and contours. Photo credit to Matthew Brindle.

Lolita-inspired Collection
A Collection of Garments made throughout a year, ideas inspired from a Japanese genre of clothing - Elegant Gothic Lolita

Image, Idea, Inspiration
Inspired by a piece of installation art, using fabric to create a piece of 'exploding' garment. Photos credit to Peter Ashworth.

Bodyline - Project from A Level
Using the pattern of a typical Medieval dress, opposing to the figures of modern stereotypical Models (drawn with silk dye on the skirt panel). This is a piece with my thoughts on the changes of the 'Ideal Body Type'.

Doll - Project from A Level
A piece drew with Acrylic paint and Oil Pastel, creating a 'Cut-and-Paste' effect

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