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About us:

OMAiidesign is an online portfolio created by two students who study under the University of Arts, London. This website was fabricated for students and aspiring professionals from anywhere to showcase their work for Online Public viewing plus allowing anyone to purchase items and ideas made by the designers.

Currently there are four confirmed designers at OMAii exhibiting their work and there are more to joining in the near future as we recruit more talent, allowing OMAiidesign to expand to reach more people. is our place to say this is what I am; this is what I do.

Let us take this opportunity to thank the ones who allowed this website to become reality. Thank you Pea and Chris for your constructive feedback and great ideas. Also, we would like to thank Jon and Bob. Without their immense continual aid, this website would have never gotten past mark 1. How are we ever going to express our gratitude with my poor vocabulary? We'll draw you both a picture.

Thank you :D and certainly, we, ourselves deserve a pat on the back.

Contact us:
OMAiidesign Designers and Staff

Main Creators of this Website:
Michelle Choi : STM Choi
Sheila Cheung : haidroshru

Cynthia F : CFST
Hong Kong
Central St Martin
email :

Michelle Choi : STM Choi
England, UK
Central St Martin/ LCC
email :

Sheila Cheung : haidroshru
England, UK
Central St Martin
email :

Tian Jin : Sky
Beijing, China
Central St Martin
email :

If you have any general enquiries please contact OMAiidesign on

What is this website for?

OMAiidesign is the place where the OMAiidesign Team use to show case their art and design work.

Who created this website?

We did. Along with minimal web designing experience, the journey was tough.

I'm interested in joining the OMAiidesign Team, how do I apply?

We are in the process of sorting out the last few aspects of the website so regrettably we cannot take online applications at this point. However we will be accepting applicants very soon. You will find out whether we are ready by regularly checking the News section.

Then how do you find the designers?

Currently we are recruiting designers in person to join OMAiidesign, when we are ready we will allow you to apply too.

What is this "Shop" page for?

We are delighted to say that we will be selling our own creations very soon, with the wide majority handmade to the best quality, they will be to die for! Just as soon as we have a bigger collection of items we will post them up and thereafter we will be updating accordingly.

I'm interested in having one of your designer's make something for me. Do you accept commissions?

More than happy to! Please contact the designer.

I'm interested in purchasing one of the creations in one of the designer's portfolio, but I'm not sure if it is for sale. Could I still buy it?

There is certainly no harm in asking! Every member of the OMAiidesign Team work differently, so please feel free to contact the designer and together you can make some arrangements.


I like some of your creations. Can I copy the ideas?

No. Under no circumstances may any of our works be duplicated without our permission.

Can I save the pictures to my computer or hotlink the pictures to my website then?

You may save and also print the images of our work for non-commercial uses only. If any of our work are to be posted on other websites other than please provide a link back to this website in the same post. For any other purposes please contact us first for our approval.

For any questions we have not covered in the FAQ, please email
Frequently Asked Questions