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"STMChoi. From birth until last year she lived as a warrior on the islands of Legume Paradise on the south side of Buddha Mountain. Enjoying sweat-out battles with wild bears in order to protect the Legend of Zu. It was an honourable duty she was fated to carry until her death. That is, when she picked up a Unipin FINE LINE 0.1mm and made a mark. There it was, her horizons stretched vast; a bright and better future laid before her panda eyes. Taboo as it is, goodbye Legume Paradise!

A decision tingled before her feet, this is the chance to chase what would be the most fascinating experience so far in her bear-wrestling-life. She wanted more! More pens! Less bears!

Clenching on to her only mark making experience ever, last Autumn she set off bare foot to here."

haidroshru 2008

STMChoi has her own portfolio outside of OMAii!
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About us:

OMAiidesign is an online portfolio created by two students who study under the University of Arts, London. This website was fabricated for students and aspiring professionals from anywhere to showcase their work for Online Public viewing plus allowing anyone to purchase items and ideas made by the designers.

Currently there are four confirmed designers at OMAii exhibiting their work and there are more to joining in the near future as we recruit more talent, allowing OMAiidesign to expand to reach more people. is our place to say this is what I am; this is what I do.

Let us take this opportunity to thank the ones who allowed this website to become reality. Thank you Pea and Chris for your constructive feedback and great ideas. Also, we would like to thank Jon and Bob. Without their immense continual aid, this website would have never gotten past mark 1. How are we ever going to express our gratitude with my poor vocabulary? We'll draw you both a picture.

Thank you :D and certainly, we, ourselves deserve a pat on the back.

Contact us:
OMAiidesign Designers and Staff

Main Creators of this Website:
Michelle Choi : STM Choi
Sheila Cheung : haidroshru

Cynthia F : CFST
Hong Kong
Central St Martin
email :

Michelle Choi : STM Choi
England, UK
Central St Martin/ LCC
email :

Sheila Cheung : haidroshru
England, UK
Central St Martin
email :

Tian Jin : Sky
Beijing, China
Central St Martin
email :

If you have any general enquiries please contact OMAiidesign on

London College of Communication -
  Graphics Foundation

Central Saint Martin -
  BA (Hons) Graphic Design
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Projects and Works

Tetra Pak - Safer Dairy Farming Education Program in Egypt
Initially created a monotone version, due to the feedback of the small holders in Egypt preferring colourful and humorous illustrations, I also created a set accordingly which resulted in winning third prize and gave me a lot of experience with working with a sucessful company.

Baba Yaga
Illustration and a model made entirely out of a paper for my futuristic version of Baba Yaga, a Russian fairytale about a girl and her dreadful stepmother. In the story, there was a mouse who appeared to help the heroine. I imagined him to be a crazy "street wise" rat.

Frugul Cook Show - "How good/bad can it be? 2009"
For this project, we were asked to predict how we believe 2009 will be. I predicted that animals will become extinct, therefore people would need to replace it with a substitute. This short stop motion animation teaches people how to make "chicken".

Bliss Typonimation
Stop motion animation on Jeremy Tankard's Bliss typeface. The forms of the type was developed for their "simplicity, legibility and ‘Englishness' ". The animation was inspired by the stereotypical "british" bussiness man. Music : Singin' in the rain Remix by Mint Royale.

Talk like a Pirate Day Competition Entry
International hornorable winning design for zazzle competition. Art based on graffiti and squids.

Design from ROBO-TEC T-shirt series
Mixing the cute image of a rabbit and foul language to produce a comic print. Hand-drawn image digitally editied.

Hand cut story book
A children's based book on experience at work. Medium watercolour paper bound with metal eyelets. patterns are hand cut with a scalpel.

First design from ROBO-TEC series
Hand-drawn pencil and ink sketch on paper, scanned and edited on PC. Idea is based on mechanising biological species to produce a comic look.

Orange kun...

Pencil sketch for Billy illustration competition at JaME

T-shirt Design for Boxfresh vs You
Milk box inside speech bubble

2008 Foundation Exhibition piece : 100% recyclable
Screen printed designs on cotton shirt based on the trend of cardboard usage for delivery packaging, hand sewn and hand made clothing tags

2008 Foundation Exhibition piece
Set of two white handmade bunny figurines
Parcel paper packaging. Screen printed design on handmade paper bag, redesign for beijing olympic souvenirs.

Third design of ROBO-TEC series
BADCAT design print

Shakespeare : Titus Andronicus
Promotional campaign poster designs for local community.

London underground Spoof Project
Spoof London underground signs and posters. Group mission.

Practice Tracks : Guitar Masters for rockers and shredders
Competition piece for new practice trakcs CD cover.

Self protrait
Self portrait based on idealistic thoughts on how people would like to look according to the media coverage.

Typography based on nature

Cotton earphone pouch
Based on origami and made with one single piece of fabric, leather drawstring with wooden beads.

STM Choi's Folio