" Bearing a samurai topknot, dirty sports day t-shirts from tens years back, and pajamas bottoms, she roamed the vast wasteland which is her home. With a special talent given to her by gods, shu is able to communicate with felines…

Living by morals, protecting the weak, she really does hate it when people think peas belong to spring rolls and sweet corn soup. If you are ever lucky enough to see her feet, you will notice that they are unusually dark, that is because she sleeps “until the sun reaches her feet”. This is possibly to suit her life as an apprentice ninja…


Her Grandma was also the first person to find Australia, not James Cook unlike most people think."

STMChoi 2008

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About us:

OMAiidesign is an online portfolio created by two students who study under the University of Arts, London. This website was fabricated for students and aspiring professionals from anywhere to showcase their work for Online Public viewing plus allowing anyone to purchase items and ideas made by the designers.

Currently there are four confirmed designers at OMAii exhibiting their work and there are more to joining in the near future as we recruit more talent, allowing OMAiidesign to expand to reach more people.

OMAiidesign.co.uk is our place to say this is what I am; this is what I do.

Let us take this opportunity to thank the ones who allowed this website to become reality. Thank you Pea and Chris for your constructive feedback and great ideas. Also, we would like to thank Jon and Bob. Without their immense continual aid, this website would have never gotten past mark 1. How are we ever going to express our gratitude with my poor vocabulary? We'll draw you both a picture.

Thank you :D and certainly, we, ourselves deserve a pat on the back.

Contact us:
OMAiidesign Designers and Staff

Main Creators of this Website:
Michelle Choi : STM Choi
Sheila Cheung : haidroshru

Cynthia F : CFST
Hong Kong
Central St Martin
email :

Michelle Choi : STM Choi
England, UK
Central St Martin/ LCC
email :

Sheila Cheung : haidroshru
England, UK
Central St Martin
email :

Tian Jin : Sky
Beijing, China
Central St Martin
email :

If you have any general enquiries please contact OMAiidesign on enquiry@omaiidesign.co.uk

Central Saint Martin -
   Art & Design Foundation

   BA (Hons) Product Design
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Projects and Works

Proggetto Millennio - Runner Up - Legato
An entry for the wine category of the European-wide bottle competition for the Italian manufacturer Bruni Glass. This design reached the finals and achieved the 2nd Prize. Inspired by David Mondavi's signature style of Fume Blanc white wine - this bottle emphasises the flavour.

Illustrations of MAGICstapler
Drawings of an ecofriendly stapler by MAGICITEMS GmbH. A thorough observation of the object through experimentations in recording the form in different positions and with the use of different mediums.

BAPD1 - Portable lighting project - Hearing protection Clubwear
Earplugs with cracked glass effect fibre optic neck cord with integrated diaphragm in the earplugs to lower sound volume, not muffle. This is only the prototype, the manufactured version will have to be made from injection moulded polypropylene.

BAPD1 - First Prize - Mini Me workshop project
Customised a plain figurine to represent myself. Main features include - sculpted hair out of polymer clay, additional reshaping to lathed wooden head by carving out eyes, aluminum stand and spray painted finish. This figurine won the Mini-Me First Prize.

Loose referenced black fine liner pen drawing
Based roughly on a photograph, sketched using a range of black fine liners.

Pen tool cross illustration
Rough design was sketched on paper initially and traced over as a vector image on computer.

Apple to Banana partnered warm-up project
Project aim was to create a container that holds an apple and changes form to hold a banana. Designed within an hour by a friend* Colin Kwan and I using a given limited selection of materials, without communicating through mark making as restrictions.

I painted my hands black
What else could I expand on?

Mood Light concept
Foundation Course project to design an object to be placed on a horizontal surface eg. desk/table. Serves as a work desk ornament which emits an ambient light through a variety of changeable acetate cards suitable for creating different moods.

Loose referenced black fine liner pen drawing
Based roughly on a photograph, sketched using a range of black fine liners.

Loose Referenced manga style illustration
Line work drawn using pencil on paper and scanned in to be cell-shaded on computer.

2008 Foundation Exhibition
Modular shelving concept made from recyclable newspaper composite. A project to experiment with recylable materials as a means to impliment solutions for sustainable design.

Dining chair concept
Designed for project with the theme of "Feast". The forward arched backrest encourages the dining user to lean over their plate to eat, the aim was to increase the amounts eaten not increase the enjoyment in eating.

Paper tray concept
Designed for Foundation course project to make a container inspired by the area Clerkenwell, London.

Loose referenced black fine liner pen drawing
Based roughly on a photograph, sketched using a range of black fine liners.

Nature photography
Photograph of Camellia sinensis.

Pear Vessel
Vaguely pear shaped clay vessel I made when I made during A Level.

Fine liner illustration
Gift for Japanese musicians L'Arc~en~Ciel included in a fanbook sent to the artists.

A2 Level Fine Art - Biro Pen Observation Drawing
For one of my A2 Level units I had decided to look into Japanese culture and representation. This was a study of Asian facial features in Black Biro pen on cartridge paper.

Charcoal and Chalk Illustration

A2 Level Fine Art - Watercolour of a beetle
For one of my coursework units I became interested in looking at patterns and details. This painting was part of my investigation, and recorded in my sketchbook.

*please view my friend's work at http://colinkwan.piczo.com
haidroshru's Folio