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About us:

OMAiidesign is an online portfolio created by two students who study under the University of Arts, London. This website was fabricated for students and aspiring professionals from anywhere to showcase their work for Online Public viewing plus allowing anyone to purchase items and ideas made by the designers.

Currently there are four confirmed designers at OMAii exhibiting their work and there are more to joining in the near future as we recruit more talent, allowing OMAiidesign to expand to reach more people. is our place to say this is what I am; this is what I do.

Let us take this opportunity to thank the ones who allowed this website to become reality. Thank you Pea and Chris for your constructive feedback and great ideas. Also, we would like to thank Jon and Bob. Without their immense continual aid, this website would have never gotten past mark 1. How are we ever going to express our gratitude with my poor vocabulary? We'll draw you both a picture.

Thank you :D and certainly, we, ourselves deserve a pat on the back.

Contact us:
OMAiidesign Designers and Staff

Main Creators of this Website:
Michelle Choi : STM Choi
Sheila Cheung : haidroshru

Cynthia F : CFST
Hong Kong
Central St Martin
email :

Michelle Choi : STM Choi
England, UK
Central St Martin/ LCC
email :

Sheila Cheung : haidroshru
England, UK
Central St Martin
email :

Tian Jin : Sky
Beijing, China
Central St Martin
email :

If you have any general enquiries please contact OMAiidesign on

29th June 2011:

How many years has it been?! Woah. Finally, OMAii is back (sort of), well, maybe not going to be updated, I do apologise. Also, as you guessed it, the shop won't be open either! This is terrible, I know! However, OMAii was always been a test site for presenting or work and to practice web developing over university summers.

Now hurrah. We are graduating :).

7th December 2009:

I can't believe it! We got blocked again! I know no-one would understand what I am saying, as this NEVER happens to anyone else! Well, anyways, with some help from Bob, we are back... for a bit, who knows when I'm going to screw this up again!

Haidroshru has just been back from Milano to enjoy a lovely dinner with the Bruni Glass people and the contestants and achieved 2nd Prize for the wine bottle category! Congrats! There are three extra images added on mentioned portfolio entry.

10th October 2009:

IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Well, miracle created with brains! With the help of Chris, we are now unblocked from the server and managed to update our website! Please contact him for any web trouble guys! Thanks Chris!

26thSeptember 2009:

I've been blocked from the server of OMAII for a long time, so I wasn't able to upload anything new. I do apologise. Actually I'm still blocked now. What to do? What to do?! I've updated everything offline~ just waiting for a miracle now.

CFST's portfolio has been updated! And I, haidroshru, has added some ancient work to my portfolio too - it's at the bottom of my page. However, none of you will see these until later. I hope something will be fixed soon.

2nd September 2009:

I'm getting nervous! University is starting so soon!

I am so delayed. It's unbelievable really. STM Choi's work has been sitting in some long forgotten folder on my computer for months! I've finally gotten round to coding for and has uploaded it now. So now that is finally done, please take a look~

One thing that is really clogging my mind is about the shop. I'm forever sorry :( ! I really can't say when it will be running. The problem partly is because we are a bit lost about what to sell and how to sort out the financial side of it all and also about stock - I'm assuming keeping stock in students' homes is not too preferable, there's not enough space to use for most of us anyway! And what about dead stock? What if some thing's are never sold? Then that's a definite waste of money which again is an obvious disadvantage.

Of course there are easy solutions to these problems, we just need to sit down and discuss which choices we prefer. However, we haven't gotten round to that. I guess I shouldn't be trying to disrupt everyone's summer right? We all deserve some quality rest.

What I'm going to suggest is that at least me (haidroshru) and STM Choi the admins hurry up and fill the offline shop with items first, upload the shop, then the rest of the OMAii Team join in with adding items so they will have more inspiration of what to include. And/or we creative a design brief and work to that.

What to do...?

What things would you like to buy? Please contact any one of us via e-mail, the comment boxes or even facebook if you have any sparkling ideas :D. Thank you.

26th August 2009:

STMChoi has her own portfolio website! Please Click Here to view. She has put a lot of effort on it so please take a look!

18th August 2009:

University is about too start and I'm so not ready. Why doesn't time go so fast? Feels like I haven't actually taken this holiday to rest for real - still so stressed everyday! There's only 3 projects I have outside of Uni, surely that shouldn't be affecting me so much. Lets not blame workload, pshhh, workload? I've hardly done anything this summer, I just can't get my head around how little communication there is between the members of these individual projects. Though it is summer; every student would like a rest? Including myself.

How about I start working on these projects at full speed? There's not much time left before school projects will be thrown at us.

Start working now; treat is as playtime. Could you agree that play IS rest?

Just been tidying up, and realised there's a few drawings I'm happy with, or happy that I did them (it did load your own mind with new ideas)lying in a pile at the back of the room . It's not new of course so it's not the top entry of haidroshru's portfolio, but I felt like sharing with everyone.

So yes! Please take a look at haidroshru's portfolio.

20th July 2009:

Changed all the Omaii words to OMAii because... we can.

19th July 2009:

Oh testing testing.. oh yap-brap yo yo.

14th July 2009:

WOAH! That didn't take me too long to patch up or not? So, the front page is been changed and now we have a lovely scrolling gallery of work to show off! Next, the ladybugs - please give them a poke~

Also there's an update on Sky's Portfolio! Please check out his new work!

Please give OMAii some feedback. Do you like it? :D

13th July 2009:

Totally off topic! But, I, haidroshru is going to redecorate my bedroom... and guess what is drawn on the old wallpaper?! I'd thought I'll make a digital image of it before I demolish it~

Wallpaper Mural

7th July 2009:

Time to declutter the website! Bare with us!

3rd May 2009:

I'm adding comment boxes on portfolio pages! There is already one each on CFST and haidroshru's pages :D. Be nice and say nice things about our work please!

28th April 2009:

Just noticed how we usually write the news at ridiculous times. I have not updated in a long while due to work, recently haidroshu has updated the folio and has even added a designer to our rankings so please do check out the hardwork. I'm sure everyone is very busy at the moment especially after Easter holiday. So keep up the good work until summer... and then again, we would most probably be given a new brief to do during every single holiday... BAH. we also have videos of animation! look out for those. Technology nowadays is fearsome.

26th April 2009:

Update on Sky's portfolio! Two new entries have been added so please take a look!

13th April 2009:

Sky's first three entries are up online! Please give a warm welcome to Sky and enjoy the freakishly skilled works!

10th April 2009:

CFST's portfolio is fully updated! Please check out all 4 new amazing entries!

6th April 2009:

New member Sky will be officially be part of the OMAiidesign Team in the coming week!! Sky's personal portfolio page is set for entries to be added! Now awaiting his updates >__<!

CFST will have updates in the next few days.

2nd April 2009:

CFST ready to update portfolio!

30th March 2009:

STMChoi said she will update portfolio straight after this week :D

28th March 2009:

Contacted OMAii designers about portfolio and shop item entry submission methods. Awaits replies.

27th March 2009:

It is the Easter break for UAL students! So, we will get cracking~! First, Haidroshru will have her portfolio updated because...I am Haidroshru. Oh, I'm sorry! I'd never announced who is in charge of the news updates! Silly me! Well now you know, since the website has been online (since mid-September) haidroshru has been posting on behalf of the OMAiiteam.

I will also be adding a new portfolio for a new member - shall be announced who, the moment it is online.

CFST and STMChoi both need their portfolio updated.

I'm working on these as i type.

Two new entries added to Haidroshru's portfolio! Please check out these fantastic works!

4th March 2009:

I appologise for the silence. EEK!

I think this website will be developing at a very, very unhealthily slow pace. I allow you to be angry with that! But I hope we will be doing tons of stuff for OMAii during the upcoming Easter holiday! Seriously... it's a whole month long for us so I don't really think there's an excuse for no work being done here! The holiday will be goooooooooooood~! So good~

4th January 2009:

WOAH! 2009?! Had a good Christmas and spiffy new year?

Does anybody hate me for not sticking to the schedule? OR more like hardly trying to even stay close to the time plan..? I do really really apologise. However, we have our reasons (under my dictatorship whahahaha), we simply don't have enough items to sell yet partly due to the problem of not having the things we want to sell at hand (such as zero stock ...some items being kept/being held by other people).

I shall attempt to defend for ourselves - it is not because we are pure lazy and were hammered all Christmas break, the problem is that WE WERE GIVEN XMAS HOMEWORK!? Ouch huh? So please, feel our pain and I hope you can endure the pain no OMAiishop for a little longer. Eeek!

18th December 2008:

It's only been a day or so and most of the tricky initial parts have been done. Lets see if the shop will actually be opening DURING December! Wow, the delays, I'm sorry folks.

17th December 2008:

No doubt yet again awake at a ridiculous time. After rushing about doing things like handing last assignments in, freting over bad grades and ALSO finally moving in to our house closer to university... we once again resume our website work. It's taking a little longer than we estimated. However! stay tuned!

22nd November 2008:

Looks like we have someone wanting to join OMAii Team! Shall be confirmed soon.

12th November 2008:

Who would have thought first year of University would be so hectic? For this reason OMAii have decided that we will start on solely upgrading the website closer to December. This including work on the shop and hopefully this means it will be open mid December too. However, like how many others have done so at present - just contact us if there is anything you would like to purchase or commission.

4th November 2008:

CFST's debut collection images are up! Get first viewing here! And of course live viewing will be at PUNK tomorrow!

19th October 2008:

CFST will be showing her debut fashion collection! The event will be held at PUNK Nightclub, 14 Soho Street, London, on the 5 November 2008 from 9pm. CFST's exact time slot to be confirmed. For more information please visit this facebook link

11th October 2008:

Just so you all know how we look like right now. Guess who?

10th October 2008:

University has started for all us at OMAii and work is piling up already! However have no fear, the website is still being managed and developed as we study. More information will be released near to additional things have been completed.

10th September 2008:

I would use the flash version of the changing photos (and I actually have made one in flash) on the front, but it affects the About page and the Contacts page. The shame. Please bare with the poor graphics until the shop opens or...the image is changed. OMAii omaii~

9th September 2008:

Well, what do you know? We seem to have slowed down a lot on the website. Apart from the Shop page, Most things are complete I would say. Right now we are just double checking here andthere before we bring traffic over. Interested in the shop? I don't know about what the other designers are doing about it so far, gathering items or designing I hope? Haidroshru and STM Choi need to go collect our old paintings from such and such soon, before school work come flooding in.

4th September 2008:

Have been working from 5am to add CFST's folio pictures. Finally finished! It wasn't actually too long considering I had to resize and crop everything and then also do all the coding.

2nd September 2008:

Front of main site is redone so the portfolio links and a shop image are the very begining the site is opened. tabs redone. I think the site needs abit of rearranging to make it more interesting to the eye maybe.

31st August 2008:

OMAii email addresses sorted out, tested and up and running.

29th August 2008:

By today we should have at least the site somewhat finished, which it is, but there's still an impossible amount to do still. Progress is slow, and although this project is meant to be ongoing, it feels as though its not going to reach a 90% mark which we both would like it to get to by October-ish. I think both of us have been staring at the site for too long.

Someone is getting pessimistic, ay? It's going well in my opinion, though Bob and I had tedious problems when uploading to the server. Along comes Jon and sorts it all out within two seconds. Finished. WOO~!

28th August 2008:

Today is the day we are to get the site domain. Its the 28/8/08 if you have not noticed, which is meant to sound lucky in Chinese, and no, I'm not a total traditionalist who believes in all this superstitious doodaa, but if you gonna pick something, pick a good one at least, something memorable. We're doing it at 8pm as well hopefully, because I have feelings both of us could forget.
If you haven't noticed by now if you actually read the times we post on the news page, it's usually early morning/very late at night. just thought that was interesting. yesterday I made a rubber and sharpener to illustrate =D hope you like them and haidroshru has just told me we have 16 hours to complete... [gets back to work]

27th August 2008:

Good News rolling in one after another, which inevitably brings our mood higher up the happy line (happy line...?!). With the big day arriving tomorrow, our moods' have not been shaken, yes, even when my computer threatened me by refusing to boot up, my smile stayed firmly locked in place. Today will be the day to sort out the last few problems.

23rd August 2008:

STM Choi suggested there should be more excitement on this page. AND SO, depressing reports of such and such failures aside - we have reasons to celebrate for. Haidroshru and STM Choi pages are pretty much finished and finished with style~ fuufu~.

19th August 2008:

CALLING STM Choi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT MY PAGE~!! I've managed to do that image switching thingy :D go give them a click and stuff.

Shame there's no comment box for those kinda of things. I reckon we need some sort of erm, fast comment box for posting news and shizzle for the "mods".

18th August 2008:

General base design of the logo has been decided. Quite a bit of the site has been done, but then there's still a lot of the site still needs doing. So close yet so far as they say. I'd say around 50% from done? Bullet points changed to the logo, individual portfolio pages made, About Us page created. Blur effect on IE made, i don't think it works on FF, but doesn't matter. Not so sure about the idea of sell products right now.

17th August 2008:

Sticking to the idea of designing for the context, we are in the process of gathering portfolio items.

15th August 2008:

The site is making changes slowly, but its changed a lot since the beginning. bullet points added, pencils, ink splats, tape made, new page title. the logo is still in the making.

8th August 2008:

Today [technically yesterday] we actually had time to have a mess about with a site... and what have we accomplished? hmm, xD we're slowly making it towards the end, what's the rush? I also noticed how this news seem to be turning into more of a diary...well, I woke up at 8am today, went to the dentist, had lunch... just kidding.

Homepage unofficially finished.

6th August 2008:

Time to recite pi. 3.14159 erm....Fails.

5th August 2008:

Raw coding of site almost complete, doing final touches and editing. Addition of content.

Doing some "brand recognition" do-da. Also, being lost and confused at our best. Learning javascript from scratch.

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